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BUSINESS OVERVIEW Fashion Trading Production Joint Stock Company – Shoe Factory was established on October 31, 218 under the business license number 0258965451 with the main activity of manufacturing – wholesale of footwear.

Starting with a small shop importing factory shoes for sale in Dinh Cong Street, Hoang Mai, Hanoi, with tireless and relentless efforts, it has attracted many dealers and collaborators. After a period of research and in-depth study in the field of footwear manufacturing, we have launched our own brand of shoes according to the guideline to bring to customers products of good quality and good price. Samples are selected with exquisite design and materials must be carefully controlled.

After establishing a fashion business, one by one our footwear brands were officially born. Starting with the affordable footwear line BiBy, then the more premium brand – Lutra and especially the mid-high-end development brand called GEMIS

In more than 2 years of establishment and development, we always update, improve and improve the quality of products and services. The Shoe Factory continuously expands production scale and cooperates with many famous fashion brands in the country.


The Shoe Factory aims to develop sustainably and become a prestigious fashion accessory manufacturing and distribution company in the Vietnamese market.


Affirm and elevate Vietnamese fashion brand. Shoe Factory provides quality product lines with rich designs, bringing peace of mind and resonance benefits to customers and business agents.

Core values

Enthusiasm: Constantly making efforts and full of enthusiasm in all production and sales activities to make the company more and more developed, especially to win the trust and support of customers. Innovation and creativity: All employees are always ready to accept and lead change, learn to always improve, be creative in everything and create breakthroughs for the benefit of customers.

We value the interests of customers, commit to the best products and services that exceed the expectations of customers and partners.

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– Head office: Lot C2-1252 Dai Kim urban area, Dai Kim ward, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi city
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